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Bologna believes in Sherlock!

It happened. It actually happened! The Save Undershaw flash mob in Bologna actually happened! And it was amazing! 

I went to Bologna yesterday and met Fil, a dear friend of mine from Reggio Emilia. He's always so very nice and he put up with my fangirling in a very a cheerful and supportive way! He even took pictures for me! >_< I was wearing my lovely 'I believe in Sherlock' t-shirt I'm really proud of it. I think it looks cool even if very home-made. XD 
I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be part of that, it all looked so cool. I can say I'm really quite proud of the italian fandom! We have nothing to be ashamed of! BTW, the girl in charge was coaplaying Molly, and she looked great! 
I also met my friend Jo and her sis so we had a short round of our own Sherlock fangirling. They were busy during the flash mob thing, but we met in front of Feltrinelli so I could tell them how it was and show them some pictures. 
The perfect ending was a beer in a very cool pub we discovered by chance. We definitely have to go there again! 
So, time for some pictures now: 

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