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green, butterfly

Back from London...and here we go again with the earthquake.

I came back from London yesterday evening. Everything went wonderfully, we had an amazing weather (really hot) and I had a lot of fun. I wanted this post to be about London but there has been another earthquake this morning and it's been really, really scary. I'm actually very worried about this. We're not supposed to get earthquakes likes this. Everything in my room was making weird noises, I didn't feel really safe. That's really bad. 
I'll write about London later.


Glad to hear you're back from a fun trip! Weird about all the earthquakes, though. :/ I hope they're over for now...
Yes, it's really weird, unfortunately it seems it might go on. I'd go back to London now...
Per fortuna stai bene! Purtroppo uno sciame sismico è normale, certo che fa comunque una paura tremenda. ;_;
eh già, ma c'è chi fa notare che come sciame sismico è anomalo perchè le scosse continuano a essere forti...vedere che cadono pezzi anche fino a Padova e Venezia...è abbastanza inquietante. T_T
Anomalo, sicuro, ma d'altra parte, è un classico caso di sfortuna nera. Oltre che essere una metafora abbastanza agghiacciante dello stato inh cui versa il nostro povero paese.
sì, un paese che cade a pezzi, proprio.