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green, butterfly

London pics (part 2)

More pics, London from the point of view of a Sherlock-obsessed fangirl. LOL


Aaah, Speedy! Have you had anything? I tried really good chicken risotto and managed to stain my skirt. XD
No, actually even though I was really hungry I didn't get too close because I was afraid I might look weird with my Sherlock shirt and stuff...so...maybe next time! XD
Great pics! I particularly love the Battersea Power Station one. I'm going to London in August and can't wait to see it, too!
Io la vedevo sempre perchè col treno andando su e giù da New Malden ci passavo. XD
Ma dai! Quando ero al liceo linguistico e studiavo in Inghilterra, andavo a scuola nel paese dopo New Malden (la fermata del treno era Thames Ditton) e conoscevo la zona, ma a quei tempi avevo altre cose per la testa e non ho mai fatto caso alla Battersea Power Station... ^^;