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Since tumblr has been a great resource for my Sherlock obsession, I decided to get one. http://nyxviola.tumblr.com
I don't know anyone on tumblr, LOL but it's fun to post thing and reblog Sherlock-related stuff. ^_^


Followed! ^^
Grazie! come è floreale il tuo sfondo! *_*
Bello, vero? L'ho trovato il primo giorno e non l'ho più tolto. *_____*
sì, è veramente molto carino! >_
Added you! (I'm cumberbatchitis.tumblr.com)

thanks a lot! XD I've added you too!
Yay! :D
I shall follow you. :)
cool,thanks! XD
yay thanks!
Following!! I'm there as Galwayshade. Don't update it much these days though