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27th Apr, 2012


me is a demented fangirl

So, I'm working on a Sherlock t-shirt...it sucks, but still... XD It't not finished, I have to make the yellow look much brighter than that...anyway, I'm going to wear it very soon, it's not like I'm ashamed of my nonexistent artistic skills.

20th Apr, 2012


Fun with fandoms

So, this post is going to be mostly filled with silly fangirlism. How unusual. XD
Careful, some spoilers ahead for Bleach and Kuroshitsuji. 

not reviewing, just fangirlingCollapse )

17th Feb, 2012


Thank God it's Friday

Yay, it's Friday. No teaching until next Thursday. We have a little holiday time for the carnevale. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow I'm finally going out for dinner with some friends. We've been putting this off for 3 weeks: first there was the snowstorm, then one of my friends had the flu... O_o
I also wanted to go to Venice, to take some pictures. But I have to correct the blasted tests...so...since I'm already doing something else on Monday, I think I won't be going to Venice. Again! There is always something in the way! Last year I was in Austria, the year before I was up to my neck in my thesis...what a drag...
I've been to Padua this afternoon. I wanted to chill out a bit, and maybe do some decent shopping. I bought Tell All by dear old Chuck, and Watching the English. And then I happened to meet three girls from one of my classes. It has been kinda weird. I was there, walking with my dad, talking about something idiotic, and the girls where sitting outside one of my favourite bars. I really didn't expect to meet them. This means I need to be careful wherever I go...damn. It's kinda lucky that I don't go out often in the week-end. I think it would be extra embarassing to meet them when I'm out with friends. O_o 


14th Feb, 2012


BBC Sherlock fic - Sent Items

Title: Sent Items
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes belongs to ACD and, in this version, to BBC, Moffat & Gatiss. I own nothing. Not making profit out of this.
Rating: PG-13 (a reported swearword...)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, John is mentioned quite regularly. 
Pairings: Sherlock/John, but only if you squint hard.
Length: 353 words
Warnings:  angst, and well, spoilers. Might be a bit confusing...since I didn't put names at the end of the text messages. 
Spoilers: for The Reichenbach Fall 
Summary: Molly and Sherlock manage to keep in touch. Texts are exchanged. 
Notes: beta and Brit-picking by dreximgirl. She made a great job with the layout, but LJ f*cking hates me and it's not working here, so...sorry. It looks a bit untidy. Inspired by a prompt posted by rachel2205 in the Sherlockmas community.  

Sent ItemsCollapse )

5th Feb, 2012


Sherlock BBC: useless random theory or reading too much into things.

So, I think I've developed an unhealthy habit of reading too much into things, especially when it comes to names and initials. I'm perfectly convinced that Eric Draven's initials are a reference to another wonderful revenge-driven character, the Count of Montecristo, aka Edmond Dantès...and both happen to have a "nickname" starting with C (the Crow, the Count...). 
I was working on a possible new Sherlock fic, and I noticed that Molly and Mycroft share the same initials, namely MH. Obvious, right? Too obvious, even. So obvious I got through 6 episodes and long days spent in fandom without noticing it.
Well, what if it's not just a coincidence but a clever clue (fun with alliteration, yay)? 

the useless, random theory: MHCollapse )

30th Jan, 2012


Writer's Block: Leave a Message After the Beep

What is your answering machine away message? If you don't have one, you can make it up!
Right now it would be this: Hi, the Sherlock fandom ate me. Call back when I'll have gotten over my post-Reichenbach stress disorder.

24th Jan, 2012

green, butterfly

Writer's Block: Surf's Up!

How much time do you spend online?

Defintely too much. Internet is the main cause of my procrastination problems, which are becoming pretty annoying right now, since I'm teaching and I have a ton of things to do for my lessons. Fandoms, you'll be my ruin!

19th Jan, 2012

green, butterfly

Writer's Block: Recipe for Success

How do you become successful?
That's what I'd like to know.
green, butterfly

Writer's Block: Recipe for Success

How do you become successful?

18th Jan, 2012


BBC Sherlock "The Reichenbach Fall". Review...sort of.

So, I thought I was going to watch the Sherlock finale on monday, but I actually managed to watch it on sunday evening. It has been a very moving experience. I expected the episode to be great, but damn, it was really amazing!

Spoilers and fangirling ahead. Collapse )

In other news, I'm working now (when I'm not busy fangirling with some angst-ridden song in the background). More specifically, I'm teaching. O_o (Call me Fujoshi Sensei...LOL)

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